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The IPR shop began in 2013 in Royston. It began by repairing mostly iPhones and developed to a variety of devices, such as iPads, tablets and other mobile phones. iFiXiT Repairs was also located in Royston. After a year, the two combined and kept the name iFiXiT Repairs. They have since developed further, and now have a new store in Newmarket. We have now decided to revamp the IPR shop to specifically focus on buying and selling: phones, tablets, laptops and accessories. Each device that we sell comes with a 6 months warranty and a fantastic price tag.

All you need is the device that you would like to sell and a photograph ID and we will give you a quote there and then! After that, if you're happy the price we offer, we will transfer the quoted price into your account the very same day.

We are VAT registered too, so you can claim it back if you're a business owner!


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